Which movies your child can watch?

Movies are the best form of entertainment one can ask for. Introducing your toddlers to the magical world of movies will not only keep them entertained but also take some burden off of your shoulders. Safely handpicking movies that have good social and moral values intact will help your child to develop from a very young age. This is a fun way in which they can learn the positives and negatives of the world but in a colorful and friendly manner. Viewing this canvas coming to life at a very early age will set them up for an open mind and a happy soul. Toddlers are said to be the best critics of a film, so expect them to judge the characters and even your choice of films. But we will make sure your baby gets the viewing experience. We are going to discuss some of the best non-animated and few of the best-animated movies for babies:

1. The Lion King:

This Disney cult-classic released in 1994, will probably top any such chart. The beautiful African landscape added with a great script which talks about how a king gets betrayed by his own brother and how his son grows up to reclaim the throne, is a thing legends are made of. Simba will be an instant hit with your child and the movie will be forever remembered.

2. The Jungle Book:

This movie tells the story of Mowgli, a human kid raised by a wolf pack. An instant hit with kids because of the friendship and the bonds Mowgli shares with the panther Bagheera and the loveable bear Baloo. This movie also shows Sher Khan as one of the most iconic villains in a children’s movie.

3. Toy Story:

Another classic Disney movie which sweetly depicts the emotions of toys and how they fear being replaced when the young boy named Andy is supposed to get a new gift for his birthday. Buzz Lightyear action figures became an instant favorite with the kids and so did this movie.

4. Shrek:

This marvelous adventure tale of an ogre and a donkey is a treat to watch for the kids. This is a celebration of this genre and is a very funny, quirky take on fantasy characters which everyone reads about as a child.

5. Finding Nemo:

This 2003 animated film about a fish named Nemo who gets captured and is sent to Sydney, is a heart-warming joy ride with some memorable characters and funny set pieces. It has a huge fan base consisting of people of all age groups.

6. Baby’s day out:

Considered as one of the best family movies ever made, Baby’s Day Out is sure to be a massive hit with not only your child but also the entire family. The plot centers around three crooks kidnapping a baby in Chicago and how they fail miserably to keep up with the baby and his adventures in the huge city.

7. Ice Age:

Released in 2002, this movie is a clear winner for kids who have a liking towards animals. This story revolves around three mammals forming an unlikely alliance to survive the ice age. The whole franchise is a must-watch for kids.

8. Home Alone:

This movie is a must-watch for not only the children but also for the parents. It is great learning about how to be more responsible. The story revolves around an 8-year-old who protects his house from burglars on Christmas day when accidentally left back home. This movie is a Christmas classic for all ages.

9. Stuart Little:

A movie about a mouse and a cat who can talk always takes us back to Tom and Jerry shows, but this story filled with soul and emotions about how adoption in the Little family changed their lives, once and for all will surely make your heart melt. This family blockbuster is a film that is surely going to get your children’s undivided attention.

10. Free Willy:

In this 1993 classic, Jesse, a young kid befriends a killer whale and goes to lengths to free him from the claws of exploiters. This is a well-made entertaining movie for the children. This movie deftly shows how the bond between a boy and a creature rules above everything else and it also teaches us how every living thing can live on this planet together in harmony.