What's Your Baby's Zodiac Sign tell about her

Will your baby grow to be stubborn, shy or outgoing?

Millions of people around the world believe that your star sign determines your personality. I’m sure there isn’t any one person on this Earth that hasn’t looked at their horoscope at least once out of curiosity. Although there are many people who don’t believe in astrology, but still, one can’t deny that there are strange similarities between zodiac signs and characteristics.

Let’s look at what astrological sign can give you about some fun insights into what to expect as your kiddo grows.

Let’s take a look …



Aries babies are naturally quiet and self-possessed, they are creative, ambitious, passionate, and impulsive, and also they can be quite impatient too.

Your feisty Aries baby is a born performer, easily bored and you will always find them looking for new adventures, so make sure you keep them stimulated with plenty of different activities and surroundings You will find your baby to be independent form a young age as Aries are consider as born leaders, your baby will be independent from a young age, this can lead to pickiness around choices in food and clothes too.

TAURUS (20 April – 20 May)

(The Bull)

Taurus kids are very affectionate, loyal, practical and more than a little stubborn. Taurus children pick their own pace – either they will totally relaxed (when there’s just no hurrying them) or they will be in hurry (then there’s no stopping them!).

Your Taurus baby may need some extra coating to try new things, they really love their comfort zone and will probably have their own comfortable things which they prefer always. For Taurus baby cuddles are very important, it is best way to help them feel secure and calm. They prove to be loyal friends.

GEMINI (21 May – 20 June)

(The Twins)

Gemini children are the most charming and the curious and inquisitive of all the signs always look for a new adventure – Gemini babes will need extra care when it comes to baby proofing the house! You’ll need to give them lots of stimulation and activities that satisfy their energy level and artistic nature, as they find it hard to stick to one thing for long – they particularly love books and music which spark their imaginations and quick-thinking mind. Outdoor activities like bushwalks and nature treasure hunts will be firm favourites, but watch they don’t wander off when something catches their attention! Baby reins were invented for little Geminis.

Watch out for the famous Gemini moods though – as the sign of the twins, your little Gem’s attitude and interests can change faster than you can blink.

CANCER (21 June – 22 July)

(The Crab)

They are super-sensitive as they are ruled by the Moon. Cancer kid is super-loyal and will be a caring big brother or sister and prove out to be devoted partner. The mother- child bond is very great; they also become great pet owners and love to help around the house.

The intuitive nature of them means that they sense a lot from the body language and moods of their friends, some even say their Cancer friends are quite psychic. This can leave them feeling over stimulated or even introverted, so regular ‘downtime’ and helping them express their inner feelings is important for your little crab.

Cancer bubs love to feel secure and protected, enjoying comforting things like a favourite book or movie on repeat, and special ‘one-on-one’ time with their parents and friends.

LEO (23 July – 22 August)

(The Lion)

They are the most dramatic of all the signs, but they’re also the most generous, fearless, cheerful and confident, they have a very big-hearts and considered to be most energetic. Your little Leo may like to be the boss and also they will go out of their way to help their friends and loved ones. Leo kid loves the limelight and may need some help to let others share it.

They respond well to rewards and praise, and they also like to take in-charge so a rewards chart can help them feel independent.

VIRGO (22 August – 22 September)

(The Virgin or Maiden)

Virgo kids are considered to be very careful, analytical, they are the lovers of routine, which is wonderful when they’re tiny, but they may need some encouragement to try new things as they get older.

You may find your Virgo babe is quick to toilet train and quite tidy in general as they don’t like to be dirty for long and can’t handle mess around them. Virgos are finicky eaters, so you may have a few foodie battles on your hands, , they also have a mischievous streak a mile wide but they are quite a achiever.

LIBRA (23 September – 22 October)

(The Scales)

Libra littlies are compassionate, fair-minded, artistic and very loyal; you will find them always standing up for their loved ones, because of strong sense of what is right and wrong, so bullies beware!

The only thing that makes them happier is to be surrounded by their friends and family. However, they can be too friendly at times. They love to get attention and need to be reminded how much they are loved.

They may even sometimes be very annoy siblings and parents with their constant demands for attention, but always remember it comes from a place of love and security.

SCORPIO (23 October – 21 November)

(The Scorpion)

Your little Scorpio is very passionate and curious. They are quite the firecracker, born with lots of attitude and innate talent to match. Scorpios are an amazing blend of introvert and extrovert, enjoying their alone time as much as the company of friends.

Your Scorpio bub will just love to please, and can be quite brooding and intense, especially when debating their point. Be prepared for some upset when they feel misunderstood. They will probably have a lots of favourite foods, friends, siblings etc.

SAGITTARIUS (22 November – 21 December)

(The Archer)

Sagittarius babies are the zodiac’s traveller, so be prepared to do lots of walking, driving and adventuring to keep them happy. They are free spirits, and can’t be contained for long. They will be generous, honest and sometimes opinionated, they don’t like to be interrupted or feeling like they haven’t had their say. Sagittarians love to be with their age group and generally feel shy with elders.

They also love to learn, so keep the educational input coming, and provide them enough personal space and they believe in proof for every question they ask.

CAPRICORN (22 December – 19 January)

(The Goat)

These kids are patient, tenacious and committed, they are the real hard workers who won’t get easily distracted. They love to please so that they can show great responsibility at a young age, they don’t like to break the rules Loyalty means a lot to your little bub and they always try to keep their word.

They love spending time with their family, and go with traditions like family games nights will be something they cherish in their childhood. Your little goat will always be keen to get outdoors and play a sport or go on an adventure.


(The Water- Bearer)

They are the most original and experimental of all the signs – They love to learn and will require a lot of stimulation. Aquarian loves to chat about thought-provoking topics and tell jokes to make people laugh. They’ll always pick up a new ‘best friend’ wherever they go – you rarely need to worry about them being lonely.

They may like different foods and March to the beat of their own drum in other ways. Aquarian love to dress flamboyantly and are attention it seeker, so dress-ups, drama and imaginative play will be firm favourites for your Aquarian kiddo.

They come out to be very social, and will be attracted to new people and faces. Expect for some eccentricities: Aquarius babies prefer to be unique and come out as real genius.

PISCES (19 February – 20 March)

(The Fish)

Pisces babies are dreamers and old souls – intuitive, creative and sensitive. They may seem to be off in dreamland, but they notice everything going around them and that’s why it is very hard to sneak anything past a Pisces! They are natural caretakers with compassion in abundance, they have a wild/vivid imagination which leads many Pisces into the arts or engineering.

They love to get involve by making up games for their friends to play but they sometimes become a little bossy especially with siblings.

At times Pisces can be very demanding of your personal attention and your baby can be a gentle and sensitive.