What are the must-watch cartoons for your child?

Cartoons are illustrations which are mostly non-realistic but appeals a lot to the kids. Children of all ages are hugely attracted to cartoons. Be it the color show, the emotions on display, or the goofy fun which entices the children, the cartoon has been unanimously voted one of the best things ever to happen to a child. Too much of anything is bad for health, but watching mind-boggling shows with visceral animations at times never hurt anyone. We present 10 cartoons for children who are a must-watch if the parents want to introduce their children to the magical world of cartoons:

1. Tom and Jerry:

This age-old saga of a cat chasing a mouse never gets old. Probably the most famous cartoon ever made for children, this cult classic is also enjoyed by people from 8 to 80 years of age. This love-hate relationship between Tom and Jerry features as number one in our must-watch list.

2. Chhota Bheem:

Undoubtedly, a winner among the kids, Chhota Bheem has made his way into everyone’s hearts. How Bheem gets strength after devouring a Ladoo and saves the villagers along with his bunch of friends is a hilarious take on an Indian Legend.

3. Doraemon:

This Japanese manga series has won hearts all around the world and is still a rage among kids. How a robotic cat helps a human kid Nobita deal with negativity, a sudden pang of emotional outbursts, adolescence, and daily life is a treat to watch and it tickles the funny bones as well.

4. Shin-Chan:

Another Japanese manga with a huge fan following, Shin-Chan is a series that gives a glimpse into the life of the Nohara family and how this 5-year-old kid upsets everyone in a hilarious fashion. Shin-Chan is one kid everyone would like to see but would hate to have.

5. Ninja Hattori:

This story about a 10-year-old boy Kenichi befriending a ninja who becomes a member of his family and protects Kenichi at all costs is a heart-warming story of friendship and bonding. A hit with kids, Ninja Hattori and his adventures with Kenichi are sure to keep your child glued to the screen.

6. Mr. Bean the animated series:

While Mr. Bean is a hugely popular international phenomenon, the animated series was created mostly keeping kids in mind. And the show lives up to its expectations. Without speaking a single word, this smooth sailing laughathon gives kids immense pleasure.

7. The Powerpuff Girls:

Currently running in OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, this gem of a cartoon involving three accidentally made superhero girls was ahead of its times in introducing female superheroes. This interesting blend of comedy, action, and drama has kept children glued to their seats for ages and is still doing so.

8. Dexter’s Laboratory:

Another lost gem that has been revived by the OTT platform. Dexter is an 11-year-old kid with IQ close to Albert Einstein. He has a secret laboratory where he does all sorts of experiments and has an irritating sister who is much more difficult to deal with compared to the toughest scientific solutions. Dexter’s adventures have left kids in splits and wanting more. This visually appealing cartoon is a treat for young minds.

9. Ben 10:

This adventure cartoon involving a 10-year-old Ben Tennyson is a hit among kids. After finding the Omnitrix on a family vacation, Ben can transform into ten alien life forms, and how he deals with his new powers and uses to save the day is a must-watch. Kids are enthralled by the graphics and action set pieces of the well-crafted series.

10. The Adventures of Tenali Raman:

Another masterpiece featuring on Amazon Prime nowadays, Tenali Raman can impart truckloads of wit and moral value for kids. This famous character from Indian folklore is a blessing in disguise for the kids of this generation who can actually learn a trick or two in surviving through life by using wit and intelligence.