What are the best apps for your kids?

Being a parent, the last thing you would want for your child is to see them get addicted to your phone. A child is born with a phone nowadays as it seems, and there is not much a parent can do to separate their child from the magical world of virtualization. Many parents detest the idea while most parents use their phone or tab as a mind diverting object for their babies. Parents who want their baby to avoid screen time and grow up naturally, look away! For those parents who can make use of their phones and help their kids to grow and learn while having fun at the same time, here is a look at some of the best baby development apps:

1. Shape Builder:

This app is a great way for your kids to adapt their eyes visually. It has easy to move jigsaw pieces that settle in a puzzle and increases the cognitive thinking of kids.

2. Wheels on the Bus:

This app is a hub for multiple educational games for kids. It takes your kid onboard to tiny train and car race and also helps them learn classic kid songs and also allows them to record in their own voice. This game is a handful and easily enjoyable.

3. Peg and cat big gig:

A highly innovative way to learn math by creating songs. This game is a joy to kids. The kids can choose as any character from the show and can go on a sing-along and also record their solo songs. All this while identifying numbers is sure to give kids a great sense of multi-tasking.

4. Alphatots Alphabets:

Kids thoroughly enjoy this game with clean colors and an interesting premise. This game presents a unique way to learn alphabets and their sounds while building robots or digging treasures and many other fun activities.

5. Etch a Sketch:

Kids have a blast using this app to etch and sketch their faces. Kids can draw using the white knobs and use features like adding stickers and unique patterns t make their masterpieces look amazing. It is a fun app that can be easily controlled and accessed by kids.

6. Bugs and Bubbles:

Another multi-faceted game with eye-catching graphic and soothing classical numbers in the midst of innovative learning. This app helps kids in upgrading math skills, reading, and also critical thinking. Learning science was probably never this interesting.

7. Beck and Bo:

An excellent app with cute and adorable characters, helping your kids to take part in adventures and also in puzzle solving. Watch Beck and Bo guide your kid to learn vocabulary with ease and have loads of fun on the way.

8. Monkey Word School Adventure:

A visually stunning app with multiple interactive and carefully built games, which gets harder with every passing stage. From letter writing to sighting birds, from learning how to spell to a rhyming maze, this app is a wholesome set piece to make your kids go crazy.

9. Peekaboo Barn:

This easy on the eyes interface has toddlers in splits with dancing animals popping out of the barns. It is a great way for your kids to learn the names and sounds of animals.

10. Drawing Pad:

This easy to draw easy to erase app is great in nurturing the inner artist in your kid. Kids can channel their inner Michelangelo while drawing with the help of this app. Introduce this app to your little painter and watch him unfold a canvas of his own.