Ultimate Guide For Buying Baby Strollers

Should you buy a full-sized stroller or a lightweight stroller, or should you go for a travel system? There are many types of strollers you will see in stores. As investing in strollers is a significant investment, you should always buy what you will use, not what you want.

To address the confusion regarding buying the right baby carriage, I have listed down all the stroller options available and their features. You can go through it to get a good idea of what to expect from different types of strollers and at last buy the one you actually need.

Types of Strollers available in the market:

There are 6 types of stroller that you can consider:

  1. Full-Sized Stroller

  2. Lightweight Stroller (Umbrella Stroller)

  3. Jogging Stroller

  4. Double Stroller

  5. Car Seat Stroller

  6. Travel Systems

To make your buying more seamless and satisfactory we have discussed all the pros and cons of each stroller below. Choose what is best for you.

Full-Sized Stroller:

If you are looking for a stroller that will get your baby through the toddler years then a Full-sized stroller is your best option. It is big, sturdy, and more durable than other strollers. There are many models available and some have features that can make your baby’s ride enjoyable.


  • It is very comfortable and big

  • The seat has a good recline

  • The seat can be mounted both ways (Forward facing or backward facing)

  • Can be attached to car seats

  • Canopies can be expanded as you need

  • Have good shock absorber

  • Made to grow with your toddler (Convertible design)

  • Have basket and cup holders too


  • It is very heavy so you can’t travel on public transportation or busy streets.

  • If you have less space at home then you should avoid a full-size stroller.

Lightweight stroller:

It is also known as the Umbrella stroller. It is a stroller made to make traveling easier. It has features like a full-sized stroller except for some compromises.


  • It is very portable and weighs less than 15 pounds so it is very easy to carry. Many come with shoulder strap

  • It is foldable that makes it easier to carry

  • They have features like partial seat recline and expandable canopy. Some also have cup-holders or snack trays.


  • These are for babies older than six months so you can't use them for newborn babies.

Jogging Stroller:

It is specifically designed for making your


  • A better suspension that makes it easier to walk or jog without discomforting the baby

  • For safety, there is a hand brake and wrist strap

  • Jogger comes with a better front wheel for stability and flexibility


  • It can be heavy

  • Assembling is difficult and it won't fold up like an umbrella stroller

Double Stroller:

The Double stroller is for you if you have twins or a toddler who is not ready yet to leave the stroller. These strollers especially come in two types: Side-by-side seating and Tandem in which one child sits in front of another.


  • Just by buying a stroller, you can take care of your two children.


  • As it's made for two children, so it is a bit cumbersome and bulkier

  • Weighing around 40 pounds with a larger size will be difficult to carry around

  • So while buying double strollers, you must consider some points like: Does it pass through your doorway? Is it suitable for two car seats that you have? Is it well balanced?

Car Seat Carrier:

Car Seat Carriers can run into your infant car seat into a stroller using the wheeled frames.


  • Lightweight, portable, and in no time transitioned into or out of the car.


  • As babies outgrow the infant car seat, the car seat carrier has a short span of use time.

  • There are some full-featured strollers which can function as a car seat frame, and later into a toddler-friendly stroller.

Travel System:

By using the Travel system, the infant car seat and stroller can be merged together and are convenient. And there are various types of travel systems like jogging, lightweight and full-size, choose whichever meet your requirement.


  • The travel system enables you to move your sleeping baby from the car seat to the stroller with an adapter without disrupting her sleep. Good thing that you are saving money as you get all this in a single set.


  • Generally, the stroller lasts for many toddler years. But you have to buy new car seats or car seat bases as your baby grows up.

Things to consider before buying a stroller:

How will you use it?

Before Buying a stroller, you should figure out where you will use it most. If you are going to navigate narrow streets, then you should go for a lightweight stroller instead of a bulky one. Some may need a bigger space to keep their essentials while others may need a canopy to protect their baby from the sun. So, decide where and how you will use it and then choose.

Is it suitable for newborns?

For newborn babies, you should look for a deep recline. In some strollers, you have to use add-ons to make it suitable for newborn babies.

Most strollers are made for babies older than 6 months, and then they have some neck control and can sit without support. So make sure to buy the right now for your baby.

How long will you use it?

If you are going to use it for years then it’s better to invest in a good stroller that can grow with your baby from infant to toddler. If you want to use it for multiple kids then it is always advisable to choose a good quality stroller with a wider range of features.


Weight is an important factor while buying a stroller. You will be picking up the stroller countless times, so it’s best to buy a lightweight stroller.

Always check the weight of your stroller, don’t just go with the name like a lightweight stroller or something. Matric varies from brand to brand. Some may have a 25-pound stroller, and some may have a 15-pound stroller named lightweight strollers.

Ease of use:

You should always give your stroller a test drive before buying it. Do check if folding and unfolding can be done with ease or not. So strollers even provide a one-hand fold feature, so make sure to try them out before making your decision.

Safety of a Stroller:

  • Always check the five-point safety harness before buying a baby stroller. It should be easy to unbuckle for you but not too easy for babies.

  • Check how the brakes work. If they are easy to hit or not.

  • Always look for a good canopy. You may have to take your baby in the sun or rain, so it's best to have a good canopy for shade.

  • Check how the seat reclines when you put your baby there. Always look for flat recline strollers.

  • If you are buying a travel system, do check the safety rating and how they get attached to the car seat. Look for the one which is easy for you to use.

  • Register your baby stroller after you purchase it.