Tips for making best of New Normal for New Dads

  1. How to manage your time from ‘being two’ to ‘being three’

  2. Never forget to spend quality time with each other

  3. Never forget your ‘me time’

  4. Improving quality of time spent with your family

How to manage your time from ‘being two’ to ‘being three’

In the days after your child is conceived, you may find that there isn't a lot of time to be 'only you two'. You will need additional time for your relationship and keep it as it was earlier. better time spent between You two and leads to a better relationship among you, your wife and your child. Becoming a father is a fabulous experience and one should cherish each moment of this journey.

Never forget to spend quality time with family

When you child is breastfeeding, leaving her would be very difficult for her mother and you should be always considerate of this.

If your wife is not able to spend time with you, that doesn't mean you go out with your friends. Spending time on basic things from the start, like sitting together while your partner breastfeeds, or scouring your partner's feet or neck.

If you are going out of town because of your work you need to prepare for it even if that is for only a few hours. Never hesitate to ask your friends or relatives to take care of your child when you are not there. If you and your wife are comfortable with calling a babysitter it is OK to use her services.

Never forget your ‘me time’

One of the biggest changes for a new father is to have less time to do things which I always liked to do

In case you are taking care of your child then definitely you are not going to get lot of uninterrupted time for yourself. Only a few fathers are prepared for this and it is fine if you don't feel comfortable with it. It is ok if you are feeling very different compared to other fathers but that is OK when you are not getting enough time to do your work, do the things which you like and get over from the work pressure or something similar.

Planning for your favourite things to do helps a lot, you can think of those activities which don't take much time and when your child is sleeping and you get a small interval you can directly jump into it and enjoy your time.

Small 15-20 minutes intervals can help you release the anxiety and the work pressure you have been feeling you can you please a small intervals for reading books or doing your favorite past time

You should always remember that this stage will pass, this thought will certainly help you have a better state of mind.

Improving the quality of time you spend with your family

Always remember that even small activities being done together can improve the quality of time you have been spending together this activity could very well be having breakfast together on having a small telephone chat

You should speak with your partner and if you both are fine with this, always try to make some good time for yourself. ask for somebody’s is help when you both are out together to take care of your child.

Definitely use the small intervals which you get these are the best moments when you can enjoy your me time.

Explore the possibilities of taking a small interval from work, look into your parental leave alternatives that could be possibly a paid leave for sometime. been out of work definitely helps in focusing at home. Lot of companies are giving long parental leave for fathers anyway, if you have that option please utilize that.