Taurus baby horoscope

Zodiac signs for kids

To understand your baby's or child's unspoken language this zodiac signs will assist you to know them better. Though it is not important which horoscope your baby has. It’s for the fun purpose you may find I relatable and understand them better. Each has their birth chart. Do you want to know why the baby has certain traits or behaviour? Here are personality traits of each zodiac signs:

The Taurus child (April 20 – May 20)

Conceiving dates for Taurus child: July25-August25.

You don't have to sing a lullaby to make your baby sleep. This kid has its sleeping art. Taurus children know when they are hungry, their playtime and sleeping time so be ready to cope up with their five senses. In case you can’t or forgot then be ready to handle their screaming and crying. Most of the time they are sweet and at peace. Venus rules them and their cute dimples can melt anyone’s heart also gives a tough competition in cuteness. Get ready to play dress up games with them you’ll always find your clothes on them. Well, they tend to keep their clothes neat but baby bull can go rough with it. Their cuteness comes even if they hit with their small feet and hands. But

you still need to be careful so that no one gets hurt for this give them sponge ball or soft toys to punch and hit.


  • Being an earth symbol, they love to play outdoor games so when they grow up indulge them into sports activity and take them to parks let them play.

  • They have a good grip in rhythms and beats of music. Taurus babies intend to go towards the musical field, beating drums and singing out loud. If you see this hobby in them then give room to grow in this.

  • Known as an active child they keep rolling and moving even though you aren't active to play with them just give them car toys or blocks that will keep them busy.

  • Taurus loves to be family-oriented and they keep their siblings above all to for everything. In case he/she is an only child let them engage with other kids so that they feel belongingness of siblings or else be with them for their playtime.

Parenting tips:

  • As they are into kicking and punching give them positive impact with this by enrolling them into martial arts or defence course or gymnastics. But make sure to teach them that this habit may hurt others so be considerate towards others.

  • Don't let their leisure attitude in waste. Give them small house chores to work that will make them feel worthy of themselves. Also, give them awards which will motivate them.

  • Taurus babies put everything in their mouth that they find so be careful with items around them. They are thumb suckers and putting a pacifier in their mouth can be a hard habit to get rid of.

  • They are stubborn which may make them not to listen to you so set rules that will discipline them and don't lose your cool to make them follow the rules as this will make them not to listen to you at all.