Storybook Reading: How to Read Aloud to Preschoolers

Do you know that having certain skills can help your preschooler have greater success in later years of life? And the most effective way to teach your preschooler all these skills is to read aloud in the pre-nursery period.

Read aloud is one of the most effective ways for the language development of a preschooler and helps create word-sound awareness. It also helps in the development of cognitive skills and builds curiosity that can last for life. So, reading aloud is one of the best forms of preschool education you can give your child.

Read on to learn all about the read-aloud method and how to implement it to help your preschooler acquire all the basic language skills.

Some of the things a preschooler should know are

  • Reading should be done from left to right

  • The picture should be right side up

  • Books should be read from front to back

  • Different words have different meanings and sounds

Having these basic skills will help your preschooler to better perform in nursery school. So, Once you start reading aloud your preschooler will subtly pick up these skills in the process.

But the read aloud method has much more to give your preschooler than just these basic skills. So, reading aloud every day will

  • Give your preschooler ample practice in listening skills which is one of the essential skills for succeeding in life

  • Build up better vocabulary which will help your preschooler better adapt to new subjects and situations.

  • Help to create a lifetime interest in reading

  • Improve the imagination skills of the preschooler as he will deliberately imagine things as you read aloud

  • Create a healthy mentality for better and positive relations as you give your preschooler your complete attention is these one-to-one times.

Preschoolers will gradually acquire these skills as you read aloud to them every day.

When to read aloud:

Reading aloud time should be fun and engaging. So choosing the right time for it is crucial to maximizing preschool learning.

If you are a working parent or if your kid goes to preschool, bedtime reading is one of the best things you can do. It can be a very good wind downtime for both you and your child.

You can also read aloud in the morning or after meals will also work well. But the point to keep in mind is that you should give your undivided attention to your child when reading aloud.

How to read aloud:

The Read aloud method is not just about just reading out loud rather it's a method to engage your preschooler in thoughts and stories. So you must focus on making the read aloud time engaging.

To do that here are some points you must keep in mind while reading aloud to maximize the learning your child gets.

  • You can either read a storybook or get some wordless picture book where you can make stories with your kid. Always read each book multiple times until your preschooler fully understands the story or can recite the main lines or act out some character.

  • Use your finger under words as you read, this will help your child understand that you are reading what is in the book. It will help your child make an association with words and sounds.

  • You can read poems, and always give your child some time to finish the repetitive lines. This will make the read aloud time more engaging. Also, preschoolers like to show off their skills and if you let them finish line and act out characters their self-confidence will increase.

  • Ask your kid about the story, like what is the story about or how the story starts? Ask which part your child liked most and ask to explain. This will increase your preschooler’s imagination skill and critical thinking.

These are the things you should keep in mind while reading aloud, to maximize the effectiveness of the time.

Things to keep in mind:

The times you read aloud to your child is not a time of study or anything. Try to keep it fun and enjoyable. Cuddle with your kid, talk or laugh with your kid during this time. This will make the kid feel loved and will also fall in love with the read aloud time.

You should always keep some pictures or storybooks in reach of your preschooler. It helps the kid explore their curiosity.

Never finish a story in one sitting. By this, your kid has to remember the lessons from the previous session. This will greatly help your kid to memorize the story and the vocabulary in the story.

Reading aloud time will give your child their favorite characters and ideals. It will give your child many good memories that will help your kid create better relationships with others. So give your all to make those moments memorable and enjoyable.

If you are having any trouble creating read aloud moments or need help in choosing storybooks then you can always reach out to us in the comment section below. We will be happy to help.