Significance of baby’s kick during pregnancy

What is the most exciting moment during your pregnancy? Is it your baby kicks and how amazing would be the feeling? This would be the time when you will have a surety that the baby inside you is growing and you will feel more connected to that life inside you.

In which month baby start moving in womb?

Many mothers ask this that “they are 4 months pregnant and baby not moving”. So, if you are pregnant for the first time then you may feel baby movements closer to the 25th week. But it starts happening between weeks 16 and 25 weeks of pregnancy and it is called “quickening”. Although, 16 weeks pregnant baby movement or 4 months pregnant baby movement is not intense, you most likely will not be able to feel it. Mostly baby movements can be felt in a sitting or lying position.

What does the kick feel like?

At the first time you may be not able to notice the movement as it is hard to tell. But in the second or third time you can feel it completely because you will get adapted to see those differences. Pregnant women describe this feeling as butterflies in the belly or nerve fluttering movement.

By the end of your second trimester, the movements would be more and you will actually be able to feel kicks, elbows, etc.

If you are not feeling kicks this can be the reason

Baby at 22 weeks pregnant movements are very irregular. Sometimes for a long time in a day you will not feel any kicks or movement of the baby. Do not worry, the reason can be that your baby is sleeping or it can also happen after having sex because of urinary contraction.

To improve the frequency of the kicks, the baby needs energy that can be provided by eating some snacks or juice through which your adrenaline will give a rush and jolt of energy to the baby.

Counting kicks of the baby is important

Sometimes there is less or no movement of baby in 9th month of pregnancy. You need to keep track of your baby’s movement once or twice a day. Doctors also advise to do so. So whenever you are free set the timer and start counting the baby kicks or any movement. Stop the timer at 10 movements and see the time period it took for those 10 movements. Generally you feel 10 movements in an hour or less. If this is not the case then eat something light or have a glass of juice and again perform the same exercise.

If there is decreased fetal movement 24 weeks or it is taking longer than two hours for counting 10 movements, it is important to consult your doctor for the proper evaluation.

Switch your position if feeling uncomfortable with the kicks

When a 27 weeks pregnant baby moving and growing inside you, getting bigger everyday, you may feel excessive movement of baby during pregnancy that can make you uncomfortable or unpleasant at times. At that time try to take a break with changing positions. If you are sitting for a longer duration, try walking a little or just standing at a place or lie down.


Baby’s kicks are very joyous moments for every parent. But for mothers it comes with joy, anxiety and discomfort. If you see any unusual change in these movements, may be increment or decrement, always consult your doctor.

If you can handle those tiny kicks in your ribs any time during the day with a smile then you are really ready to become a parent.