Little artists, come on!

Here are few simple ideas to make your baby a little artistic:

1. Mobile Leaf

After you pressed your leaves and collected some sticks, have fun helping children turn them into a beautiful and colorful hanging decoration. That’s what an artful parent does!

2. Leaf Family Dolls

Start by making these adorable leaf family hand-stick puppets and then check out the suggested reading for ideas on how to use them. Build your own seasonal tales.

3. Topper Leaf Cake

Teach your budding baker to this simple craft that needs minimal materials like paper, paint, twigs to build some show stop decorations for your sweets. Then you must check this out.

4. Bunting of the Leaf

Use actual leaves and other household supplies such as wax paper and iron to make autumn leaf bunting. It is a banner art, if we say it ourselves.

5. Paper leaves

Kids will love trying their hand to fold these lovely accordion leaves, made in an array of autumn colors. Using it to decorate the fall table.

6. Fairy Leaf puppets

For a tween friendly take on puppets, these fairy leaf versions which are made with actual leaves and are as stunning as they are unique.

7. Salt Dough Leaf Impression

A preschooler has a growing collection of leaves in her room & she just can't part with. But you wish she could? Then try to make these doughy leaf impressions as a compromise.

8. Painted Puffy Leaves

Puffy paints are not just for decorating t shirts. Bring them to new use with this fun fall activity. Or go for one of the other leaf painting methods, such as the use of aquariums.

9. Leaf letters

Little learners will love the interactive aspect of this craft & if you write letters in white pencil leaves, then they magically appear when you paint them with aquarelles. Sneak a little lesson to learn about your fall art.

10. Leaf Rubbing Collage

Do you have a lot of pencils without wrappers?! Instead of putting them to good use, let your child make a fun leaf collage which is a very easy collage.

11. Handprint Leaf Tree

Miss this year's hand-made turkey craft! Instead, go for this modern take on a conventional palm printing project that includes a lot of fall leaves. Your kid can also try out flower collage which is on the same design aspects.

12. Leaf Scratch Art

This STEAM-inspired craft will experience the magic of a kindergarten set that will see the color-changing process in action and learn more about why leaves change colors too.

13. Art of Leaf Comic

Your future graphic novelist will definitely enjoy this innovative leaf based approach to the genre. A bonus? The tutorial gives some fantastic writing prompts for inspiration.

14. Leafy Tree Puzzle

If you have been doing a lot of puzzles all spring and summer, I mean who hasn't, yeah! This fun to make fall tree provides a creative way to bring the pieces back into the leaves. It is a good use for simple puzzles that children may have grown out of, or those with missing pieces.

15. Leaf Dinosaur

Dino obsessed children will really enjoy this craft, which puts together leaves, paper-plate, and a few other materials to make one of the kind triceratops.

16. Paper Leaf Scrapbook

Take out the glue and some leftover paper to put together this adorable craft which feels complete with its own design. It's a smart way to reuse those scraps of paper and turn it into leaf of paper!

17. Butterflies with leaf

Who says that a leaf has to remain? A leaf? With this creative project, leaves are turned into new creatures.

18. Leaf Bookmarks

These leaf bookmarks are for a double purpose! Not only are they an easy way to show some recently found leaves, they will inspire children to read, too.

19. Leaf Window Clings

Leave the dollar store window clings that never seem to stick. The simple leaf collage which is shaped like window clings are way more easier to make and more importantly a lot more fun.

20. Leaves of Thanks

These clay leaves of gratitude are a perfect family bonding activity. On Thanksgiving or every day of the year, h ang them up on the branches to create the Tree of Grace.