Is your child suffering from Diarrhea? Here is what you need to know

Diarrhea is common in children and is the mechanism of body wherein it gets rid of all the germs. This can last a few days and if continues for a longer period then a doctor must be consulted. Diarrhea can occur along with other problems like fever, cramps, dehydration, rashes etc.

What are the symptoms of Diarrhea in children?

Diarrhea basically refers to the problem associated with passing of loose watery stool, at least thrice a day during the period of 24 hours. This is accompanied by cramps and mild pain in the stomach (abdominal area), initially headache, vomiting, high fever and pain in limbs can also come up. But if the diarrhea continues for more 5-6 days, then a doctor must be consulted. In normal cases, the stool starts to become normal with the passing of time. Parents should make sure that once the diarrhea has been treated, they should focus on increasing the water and liquid intake because dehydration is caused by acute diarrhea and vomiting.

How to detect Diarrhea in Children?

Diarrhea is generally detected with the help of following the stool routine and culture. The questions about health history and habits is generally what a doctor asks about. The other elements considered during detection include: -

·Blood test to detect the cause of Diarrhea,

·Analyzing the stool pattern and checking of stool for fat and blood,

·Testing for food allergies, rashes etc.,

·A diagnosis named; Sigmoidoscopy is conducted to look inside the child’s body in order to look for the possible causes of diarrhea.

What is the treatment for Diarrhea?

The treatment for diarrhea will depend and vary according to the age and gender the child. For different age groups, the treatment will vary because of a restriction to consume certain things. But generally, much care should be taken about the dehydration that comes along with diarrhea. The major part of the treatment includes replacing the water lost by extra fluids. Some general treatments include: -

·Offering fluids which have the right and appropriate balance of water, sugar and salts and are good for the stomach health. These include fluids like glucose-electrolyte solution.

·Avoiding juices and sodas, because they can worsen the situation and can lead to more problems.

·Irrespective of the age of the child, plain water intake should be avoided and only fluids including right salts and sugars should be given.

·If the baby is on breastfeeding, then mothers should continue with the same. breastfeeding has proven to be good and effective when child suffers from diarrhea.

·Baby formula is another thing that can prove to be much effective and parents should keep feeding their children with the same.

Ways in which Diarrhea can be prevented in children: -

There are two major things that can be done by parents to make sure that Diarrhea is prevented and these include: -

·Good cleaning habits: - By maintaining good cleaning and hygienic habits, parents can ensure that their child doesn’t fall sick. These cleaning habits include washing of hands after regular intervals, before changing babies’ cloths or diapers, before touching food and cooking etc. Not only parents but children should also be encouraged to was hands on regular intervals and that too properly. The cleanliness can go a long way in helping the kids stay healthy and fit. Since one of the most common reason for diarrhea in children is the transmission of bacteria and therefore, healthy cleaning habits play a major role.

·Immunization: - It has been seen in many cases that Rotavirus is one of the major causes behind Diarrhea in children and hence the immunization or vaccination against the same can result in prevention of Rotavirus and thus diarrhea.

Therefore, it can be said that Diarrhea is an illness which most children suffer through and the mot suggested measure to prevent the same is by maintaining cleanliness and offering your child a healthy diet.