Is your child Aquarius? If yes, then you cannot miss this

January 20 – February 18

Dates of Conception for an Aquarius Child: April 25-May 15

Popularly regarded as “Baby Einstein's” of zodiac sign Aquarius child is a perfect blend of daredevil streak and a genius touch. One characteristic with this sign is that Aquarius kids crave a lot of friends, hence it’s prudent to start socializing with them early on. They are a bit unconventional and offbeat and they often tend to surprise viewers with their habits. Taming their antics could lead to them rebelling, hence it is advised to let them fly their wings. They are of golden heart, very generous with their siblings and don't enjoy unfair treatment of anyone. They flow against the wind at times and support underdogs and they are fully committed towards the right of their peers. The attributes that distinguish Aquarius is kind heart, Team spirit and humanitarianism. Hence involve them in community service, sports and scouting.


  • Aquarius has a great future in sports owing to his inherent teamwork skills. Sports like football and cricket would be a perfect match for your Aquarius son or Aquarius daughter. That being said they are competitive too hence gymnastics and sprints will captivate him as well.

  • Aquarius babies will be good in technical studies; probably Science in education preference. They love science fiction and wizard skills. Their invention would wow crowds. Additionally computer games would be another of their interest

  • Aquarius are adventurous, set them free, don't restrict them in any boundaries they will only grow better and better with time. Just make sure t0 keep band aid, first aid boxes with you. As their quest could have some cuts and bruises.

  • Aquarius loves dogs, be it cat or dog. However they might take their passing hard hence its prudent to explain to the child they will outlive the pets.


  • Your little Aquarius has possibilities of either being immensely popular or offbeat genius. Either way he will make their mark. Hence, in case the kid turns out to be later, make sure to admit him in the school where they could be around children of their type and don’t feel misfit, hence appreciate Aquarius baby personality.

  • The Aquarius child is not susceptible to authority and they will rebel instantly hence make sure not to talk them down or use baby talk (as they are genius inherently). To achieve max cooperation make sure to state the rules with logic and clearly as if you are talking to your peer.

  • They are in constant need to have goals. Hence it is advisable to divide long term targets into a set of short term goals (e.g.: This semester, if you carry home a strong report card, we'll get you a new bike).

  • Aquarians are radicals who need to know that when they misbehave, there are consequences. If you're threatening retribution, you 'd better do it well. If not, they're going to lose respect and walk all over you.

Hope your child makes a mark on whatever field they touch!!