Information about Ringworm treatment for babies you didn't know

What is it?

Ringworm, sounds like a creepy bug we all are afraid of, right? Don’t worry it’s not a bug but it is a skin condition, an infection a contagious one. Primarily affects our nails, skin or scalp. The origin of ringworm is a germ called fungus. It affects people of all ages, but kids are common victim of ringworm.

How to recognize it?

The skin at infected region would be ring shaped with red and swollen near edges, but interior part of ring would look healthier.

How one gets infected? Ringworm is a contagious infection. Which means it can be easily transmitted through direct contact from one person to other person. Or through brushes, combs, clothing’s, sports gear and towel.

Where child can catch ringworm?

Warm, humid and dark places are susceptible for their growth. Public facilities including locker room, shower and pool are some of the places where kids pick up this fungus.

Signs of ringworm in babies?

Do you remember having urge of itching your skin and when you notice, it would appear reddish there in a size of pea? There you have it. As it starts growing, the size of ring spreads and even multiple rings are formed.

On the other hand when it grows on head, it looks like a small crest or a scaly patch which resembles Dandruff in appearance. The hair in bumpy region starts eliminating once patch gets bigger and will give baldness outlook at that region. However hair does grow back once condition gets better.

How it is cured?

Now we have an idea about the infection, question arises what are ringworm cure for babies*. Just hang on for a little longer you are on a right place.

When you start having above symptoms, visit nearest doctor. With just a look doctor can tell you whether it is Ringworm or not. Now doctor will start the treatment.

First thing doctor would do is swab or scrape off skin sample or clip off a hair piece or nail for fungus testing. Ah don’t worry, this doesn’t hurt. Next step is treatment, which is usually simple. Mild cases can be cured by applying powder, spray or ringworm cream for babies. This normally takes 2 weeks for rashes to go away. Though at times it stretches up to a month or so to get rid of ringworm entirely. Meanwhile make sure to keep your skin clean and dry as the growing environment of fungus is wet space. If infection is more stubborn, doctor could prescribe stronger oral medicine.

For fungus on scalp or nails you may need to take oral medicines or special medicated shampoo to prevent spread it to others. So these were ringworm cure for babies*.Now looking at ways to prevention it.

Prevention efforts is better than cure. Make sure to follow below diligently:

  • Shower daily (esp. after playing sports and sweating) and dry off completely.

  • Use clean clothes to wear

  • Change them on a daily basis

  • Use clean towels and make a habit of using others towel and cloths

  • Wash those dirty hands with hand wash and soap well after playing with pets

Hope this enhanced you understanding of Ringworm in babies treatment!!