How to clean baby’s eyes, nose and ears gently?

Cleaning eyes, nose and ears is important but doing it with alertness and care is more important.The first step is to make the baby comfortable with your touch and the cleaning routine. Regularly cleaning baby’s facial parts (eyes, nose and ears) is recommended.


How to clean newborn baby eyes?

Use a cotton tissue or a cotton ball to clean the eyes. Dip the cotton ball or tissue in warm water and clean the lower line and outer lining of eyes. Use a thin towel to clean the inside corner of the eyes by wrapping it in your finger.

Do not use any kind of soap for cleaning eyes as eyes are very sensitive. While washing face use only baby products and keep it away from eyes. While rinsing, cover the eyes first.


How to clean dry boogers from baby nose?

Use only water to clean the nose as the skin is very sensitive during infant age. Use a wet cotton cloth, twist it from a corner. It is the best way to remove mucus from baby nose. Baby would feel very uncomfortable during cleaning, clean one nostril and then distract him for a while to make him comfortable again, then clean another nostril. Cleaning baby nose with cotton bud is not advisable.

If your baby is suffering from a cold, his nostrils would be choked. Consult with a doctor on various ways of cleaning baby’s stuffy nose. The doctors normally suggest below options:

  • Nose drops (saline nose drops)

  • Suction pump (they suck mucus)

  • Raising air humidity

  • In severe blockage, the doctor might prescribe a medicinal spray to clear the nose


How to clean newborn baby ears?

First clean the outer area of the ear with a wet towel, then use baby care buds and clean the inner ear. Do not go much deeper, just clean the area til you can see. Also clean the back side of the ears.

Some mothers also ask “How to clean baby ears after bath?” Use lukewarm water to bathe the baby. Do Not pour water directly in ears, use water steam to loosen the earwax and clean with a soft cloth.

Try to be very gentle throughout the process. Do not rush while doing this. Baby may become very uncomfortable but try to distract him and make him stable so you can clean the parts easily. And use lukewarm water to clean all parts. Always consult a doctor for baby products.