Here is what you need to know about hand, foot and mouth disease in children

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a disease which is generally caught by the children below the age of 5 and is associated with painful, red-colored blisters on the mouth, hands, feet and intimate diaper areas of children. This is disease is a communicable one and spreads really fast if a child comes in contact with someone who is infected. The main agents of transmission can be unwashed or dirty hands, touching of surfaces that have saliva or faeces. Generally, children catch this disease from unhygienic places like their pre-school or day care center because of the close contact with other children.

Symptoms for foot and mouth disease in children

The incubation period or the period between the virus transmission and development of symptoms is three to seven days. Parents should look for these symptoms: -

·Refusal to eat food: - Children who are too young to communicate about ulcers in their mouth will generally refuse to eat or consume anything and will be irritated due to the same. Parents should consider checking their tongue and inner walls of their mouth for any blisters or redness.

·Sore Throat: - When children are infected due to the foot and mouth disease then generally, they experience a soreness in the throat which can be one of the early symptoms.

·Fever: - Generally it has been seen that the foot, hand and mouth disease in children is accompanied by fever.

·Painful red blisters in the mouth: - One of the most evident symptom of foot, hand and mouth disease is said to be the painful red blisters in the mouth of children which result in irritability and causes loss of appetite.

·Rashes: - children suffer through rashes when they suffer from this disease and these rashes are generally on the hands and sole of feet which cause irritation and itching.

·Muscle ache and flu like symptoms: - a child suffering through hand, mouth and foot disease will also feel like flu and will have muscle aches since the body starts to feel weak.

Suggested treatment for Hand, foot and Mouth disease in children

Generally, the Infection lasts for 10 days and then it starts to fade away but if the child is irritated and it becomes absolute necessary then these measures can be taken, after consulting the doctor: -

·The ointments can help in soothing the blisters and rashes, can provide relief from itching too.

·To provide relief from headaches, a medicine named acetaminophen can be given.

·Lozengesto or medicated syrups can help in easing of the painful throat.

There are certain home-made remedies that can help children in getting some relief and can be undertaken at an early stage to ensure that the disease doesn’t cause much trouble, these are: -

·Making your child eat ice cream or cold things to ensure that irritation due to blisters is reduced.

·Rubbing ice on the area of rashes.

·Drinking cold beverages to tone down the body heat.

·Avoiding spicy food.

·Avoiding the intake of citrus items and juices.

Preventive measures against the Foot, Mouth and Foot disease

It has been observed that bad hygiene is a major cause of various kinds of diseases and infections. If parents follow healthy habits like washing of hands regularly and maintaining cleanliness around their child then this infection can be prevented in the first place. Not only do the parents need to maintain a healthy cleaning habit but they should make sure that their children are following the basic handwashing technique and consuming nothing that is unhealthy. Disinfection and regular cleaning can help not only in prevention of this disease but is generally recommended for a healthy living. Parents should teach their children about refraining from touching of their faces since maximum germs are transmitted through hands to mouth only. There is no vaccination for this disease and therefore human contact must be avoided as soon as your child develops the symptoms.