Help Your Kid With 10 Fun ABC Learning Activities

What will you do if your kid or toddler doesn’t like to involve in these learning activities? What ideas do you have to make your kid’s ABC learning fun?

You don’t have to worry much. Now it's very simple and easy. Yes, it’s way easier than you may imagine. I’d say start helping your kid in learning the ABCs now. And enjoy it while doing so.

Here are 10 fun ABC learning activities for our kid:

1. ABC Games- Games like letter matching, color by words, dab the letter, etc. will not make learning only fun but it will also develop interest.

2. Make ABCs Visible Everywhere (Alphabet Hunts): Hide alphabets and then engage with your child to seek that and reward your child whenever he/she gets success in finding the alphabet.

3. Play with names (Child’s, family): Start engaging your child in the first letter of his/her name with the help of signs and letterboxes of the books. Once they get comfortable with their names then move to the family names and other names as well.

4. Read ABC Books: There are many easily available ABC books that are there but superhero theme books are one of the most engaging and fun.

5. Sorting of the ABC’s — Separate the letters from their serial numbers of the letter board game then make your child arrange them in the order. This will not only make your child learn in a more fun and engaging way.

6. Spray the ABC’s — Yes, you heard it correct. Make words by spraying with your child.

7. Play ABC Bingo: Pick the uppercase letters and play with it by making the names familiar to your child. Then do the same with lowercase letters. Whatever you do with letters just make sure to have fun.

8. Sing the ABC Song: Sing the song- yes you already know it- of the same tune as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and Baa Baa Blacksheep. Try to sing every time whether it is bedtime, sleep time, or eating time. You can sing other songs as well but high priority always should be ABC song.

9. Write the ABC’s — Use the sticky things to write the ABCs. You can also use water paint but write in a way that should engage your child. Write o the walls, on windows, etc.

10. Move and Groove the ABC’s Yes, just get up play an alphabet treasure hunt game with your child in the room and in the garden as well.