Are there any harms in being overprotective parents?

The overprotective parent feels the need to shield their youngsters from harm, torment, misery, terrible encounters, and rejections and also from disappointment and frustrations.

The biggest disadvantage of the overprotective parenting style is underprepared kids. Parents belonging to this category are frightful of everything with regards to their kids and always anticipate the worst to occur. Tim Elmore, a leadership expert pointed out that when parents rescue their kids quickly and indulge them with "help," they eliminate their chances to explore difficulties and tackle issues all alone. This restricts them from turning out to be skilled grown-ups.

This kind of parenting style involves:

Coming to the rescue of the child quickly after a simple fall that produces no pain.

Stern guidelines that do not allow a child to get dirty or innovative.

Discipline that doesn't fit the crime. Control is excessively brutal for minor offenses.

Over-emphasis on being successful in school. Burdening them with expectations.

Depend heavily on a system involving rewards and punishments.

This makes us think, whether the parents are wasting their children or not? Are they incapable of being parents? We have to remember that the parents certainly do not intend bad for their children. Their way of showing how much they care is different. The fear of letting their children face the harsh reality forces them to act in this manner.

The negative side to this over protective parenting style involves the following:

Overprotective parenting will regularly urge a kid to lie. At the point when expectations are excessively high or irrational, a child will try to lie to abstain from getting in a tough spot.

At the point when the parent fears about their children’s normalcy and indulges in fear of miniscule objects like normal risk taking, the kid turns out to be excessively frightened also. The children often grow up to become adolescents who face challenges that come at a lot more exorbitant cost than a wounded knee or a scar in the child’s personality.

Children experience a discipline framework for their conduct and can grow up to be grown-ups who are materialistic and manipulative. They don't make the best choices as adults. Their vision of segregating from right to wrong becomes clouded.

Over protective parents are unable to communicate with their children as they mature. They demand acceptance, not conveyance, which again leads to more deceit.

Some of the leading parenting bodies recommend that overprotective parents should follow the given guidelines:

  • Talk with guardians whom you view as effective and much more liberal in their parenting styles.

  • Have practical assumptions regarding age-fitting conduct.

  • Have a calm chat with your children and instill in them the habit of being responsible. Casual strolling will not garner a good outcome, neither would overreacting at every situation.

  • Respond sensibly when the child gets hurt. Let them feel pain and assist them by helping them cope with it rather than diving in to save them each time they are in trouble.

All said and done, dealing with overprotective parents is not easy. You definitely would not want your father to follow you on your first date! Or your mother waiting for you outside the club, in which you went with your friends. Adults face problems with their overprotective parents even after their marriages. Who would enjoy roaming around with their parents on their honeymoon?

Parents should adapt more of an authoritative attitude towards their children where they set limited goals and also abstain from demeaning their children, and also praising them when required. Over protection is something that must be avoided at all costs.