Gemini child horoscope

Zodiac signs for kids

To understand your baby's or child's unspoken language this zodiac signs will assist you to know them better. Though it is not important which horoscope your baby has. It’s for the fun purpose you may find I relatable and understand them better. Each has their birth chart. Do you want to know why the baby has certain traits or behaviour? Here are personality traits of each zodiac signs:

The Gemini child (May 21- June 20)

Conceiving dates for Gemini child: August 25- September 15

Cheers! You gave birth to an intelligent human being. They are popular for being brainy. They develop artistic talent at an early age before other kids or extraordinary talent that makes them compete in “America’s Got Talent”. However, with Gemini babies around a lively environment will be there. They want to know to see and touch everything around them that is how curious they are. As ruled by communication planet Mercury these kids may have their language to talk to before learning their mother tongue. Keep things away or childproof everything which can be dangerous for them such as electric socket because of their curious mind they mind want to touch or operate it so be careful with these things.


  • Gemini kids are inclined towards technology and gadgets which can make them addicted to video games. Give them toys so that they spend less time on screen and involve them with other kids to play interesting games.

  • Being a good learner and curious makes them grab things fast than other kids as they are good at communication to teach them or enrol them in a foreign language.

  • We have great personalities from Gemini such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (the uber twins). Your kids can naturally fit in drama or theatre as it runs in their blood.

  • Gemini kids love socializing and mostly have twins that they relate with. They like to hang out with their age kids so start their pre-school early.

Parenting Tips:

  • As mentioned above about their curiosity you’ll be always encountered with “why” so be ready to answer those. At times this may surprise adults at their logic because they won’t take any kind of answers, they look for logics.

  • Gemini kids are understood as double-faced as they have a hard time making decisions. It will be good if you be consistent as this will help them to make an indecisive decision. Inconsistency at home will trap them in dilemma and analysis paralysis situation.

  • You may consider alternative schooling. Gemini kids may excel in one subject and completely drop in another subject. For this, you can search the best way of education to learn before enrolling them into regular schooling method.

  • If you know your Gemini children then you must be aware of their white lies which can manipulate you with their words. Don't leave them thinking they'll learn by themselves teach them not to lie and speak the truth whatever it is and words have meaning which can't be used to manipulate. Let them speak the whole truth.