Have less breast milk? Try these 20 foods that increase milk production

“Which are the foods that promote milk production”, or “which foods to eat to increase breast milk” are some very common questions mothers ask on breast feeding.

Your daily diet should include these food items not only as a supplement, but as a proper meal. It is not proven yet that the consumption of the following has a positive impact. But all the food is constituting various nutrients that are good for health and supply of breast’s milk.

The diet for breastfeeding mothers to increase milk consists of green leafy vegetables, fruits, various seeds, grains, dairy products and lentils.

Fenugreek and Fennel seeds are good for increasing breast milk and have Omega 3 fatty acid which will help in the development of the baby's brain. Fenugreek leaves are also a good source of vitamin B, calcium, beta carotene and iron. You can have it in the morning soaked overnight or can add these seeds in roti and tea. It will also improve the gestation problem.

Shatavari is an Indian herb which improves lactation by increasing the production of corticoids and prolactin, two hormones known for increasing breast milk production

Garlic. It is an immune booster and helps in prevention from heart disease. It helps in increasing breast milk supply but can affect its taste and smell. So should be consumed accordingly.

Green vegetables. They are rich in vitamins. New mothers should have at least a portion of it daily. You can have vegetables like kale, spinach, cabbage, beens, drumstick, turnip, etc.

Cumin and Sesame seeds. Very effective in curing constipation, digestion. High in calcium. Have cumin seeds with adding in boiling water or with salads. And you can make sweet dishes using sesame seeds. It is the food that increases lactation.

Basil/ Tulsi: It soothes indigestion and promotes a good appetite, helps in weight loss and relaxation. It is an ayurvedic way of generating lactating mothers.

Oatmeal is the source of high fibre, which will help in breast milk production. It helps in controlling diabetes.

Sweet Potato. They are a source of carbohydrates which will generate more energy. It will increase milk supply by providing Vitamin C, magnesium and B-complex.

Brown Rice. It is recommended by Doctors in a new mom’s diet. It stimulates the hormone which produces milk. It has a high level of carbohydrate which provides energy to her. It is wholemeal food to increase breast milk.

Almonds. Almonds are great snacks and also prescribed by doctors as a milk producing food for mothers. It is the rich source of vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids. You can eat overnight soaked almonds for better results.

Chickpea. Presence of Vitamin B complex and Calcium help in boosting breast milk production. Chickpeas also have protein and fibre and it is the commonly available food that increases breast milk production.

Papaya. Ripe papaya promotes lactation and works as a relaxation sedative. It is a great fruit to increase breast milk.

Carrots. Use it as a salad before meals or make carrot juice for breakfast. It has Vitamin A which helps in improving the milk’s quality.

Barley. You can add barley while making roti or can add it in salads. It will keep you hydrated. It is an indian food to increase breast milk.

Apricots. It should be taken during and after pregnancy to stabilize hormonal disbalance. These are the rich source of calcium and fibre.

Lentils. Lentils are a high source of protein, vitamins and minerals which makes it very healthy and nutritious.

Paneer. It is very healthy, tasty and increases lactation. It consists of vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium and it is also a friendly diet for extreme fitness and health.

Watermelon. Do you have the lactation problems? Watermelon is the cure. Due to its richness in fibre and water, it will keep you hydrated and provide you with essential minerals.

Green Tea. It works as a body purifier. It maintains cholesterol and blood circulation. Minerals and antioxidants in green tea help in relaxation.

Water. Staying hydrated is very essential to increase breast milk production. Drinking water is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. So drink at least 8 glasses of water in regular intervals.

Milk. Milk is the combination of various dietary fibres that includes phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B, Vitamin D, potassium and protein. It also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.