Easy Fish Drawing for Kids- Step by Step

Step 1: There are more than 34,000 species of fish available in the world. We will start our drawing fish by creating an ellipse for the body.

Step 2: The heads of fish usually have a distinguished arrangement of scales than the remaining part of the body. To exhibit this, draw an arc line across the foremost third of the fish.

Step 3: Now coming to the body part of the fish, sketch, or draw a tail of a triangular shape behind the body of the fish.

Step 4: Sketch the dorsal fin of the fish as an arc that should be swept rearward.

Step 5: As you sketched the dorsal fin, in the same way, sketch the bottom fin and sketch the side fin in the shape of “D”.

Step 6: Sketch the eye of bog fish as a circle with a white dot of which the left side is unshaded. Sketch the mouth of the fish as a curved line. Use your creative freedom while coloring your fish as fish come in a variety of colors and patterns.