Do not let your child miss out on paper crafts, read 12 simple paper craft here

For kids one magical thing always works when talking about crafting and creativity i.e.: Paper. It is easily accessible, fun and so much creativity involved. Keeping this thought in mind we have collated here a list of 10 DIY(Do It Yourself) craft ideas for kids with paper. We hope your child will have fun doing it and you will be able to spend quality and productive time with the little one. With each craft we have given a link where you can find out more about it, don't forget to visit them. So bring paper crafts kids. Let’s begin..

1. Paper Roll Bats

How cool are these bats with paper rolls? These are easy to make just in time for Halloween, and fun for children to use as Halloween decorations! At Squirrelly Minds, get the directions.

2. Wee Gallery's Finger Puppets

How adorable are these Wee Gallery finger puppets? Not only are the designs cute, but after the children paint to their heart's content, the hardest thing will be cutting them all out. Which means that this one is simple! Here, get the tutorial.

3. Paper Pig Painting

Set out ample materials to allow each child to paint their own pig! It's really simple, and you've probably got everything you need already. We love Oh Creative Day's simple tutorial. For the tutorial, click here.

4. Paper Rainbow

A 3D rainbow is a great and simple craft for St. Patrick's. The Nerd's Wife's Imaginative Mama Arena offers a lesson that even a preschooler can master. Have you got a kid who likes mixing things up? Tell them, in their own rainbow shape, to arrange the strips of paper. Get the low-down from The Wife of The Nerd.

5. Under the Sea

If your kids are The Little Mermaid fans, they'll have a blast making this cute Pink Stripy Socks origami. As you make them, pop the movie in the background and you've got a perfect afternoon in store. To get step-by - step instructions, click here.

6. Beautiful Bouquet

Create a vibrant bouquet that will never wilt, all with a few basic supplies: eye droppers, coloring for food, paper napkins and cleaners for plates and pipes. When neon colors are used, we especially love the look. Get here the complete tutorial

7. Fireplace Paper Bag

This warm Amanda Crafts fireplace is a homey addition to a dollhouse or a kid's space to make them feel like real adults (without, of course, the fire hazard!). It will be fun for the little ones to hunt for sticks in the woods or for their very own mini fireplace in your local park! For this amazing idea, thanks to Crafts by Amanda!

8. Stamped Sheep

With paint, paper and a few of your child's other favorite art supplies, make cute sheep. For preschoolers, this spring-time craft is great. And bonus, adjusting to your toddler or grade schooler is easy. Get the details from Buggy and Buddy on how to get artsy with DIY stamping.

9. Animal Masks

Props for Handmade Charlotte, who came up with this super cute and simple design for masks inspired by critters. To get a house full of wild animals, all you need is repurposed paper bags, sharpies, and some creativity. For all the motivation you require, click here.

10. Crumpled Paper

Art Are you digging through the tie dye effect of this Buggy & Buddy art? All about cheery watercolor and the perfection of imperfection is this task. Here, get all the details you need.

11. Newspaper Sun Hats

With a DIY newspaper hat, your teatime will be extra stylish. This is a perfect way of using old newspapers, and with whatever flowery, feathery toppers she likes, your little miss will go wild. Here, find out more Click here for more fun and basic hat craft ideas for children.

12. Dragon Marionette Puppet

One of those deceptively simple crafts is this idea from Build in The Chaos. It just takes a few resources, a free printable is involved, and we're willing to bet your kid's going to be happy to color away. Here, get everything you need.

Hope DIY paper crafts was fun. These were paper craft ideas for kids under 5...