Cancer baby horoscope

Zodiac signs for kids

To understand your baby's or child's unspoken language this zodiac signs will assist you to know them better. Though it is not important which horoscope your baby has. It’s for the fun purpose you may find I relatable and understand them better. Each has their birth chart. Do you want to know why the baby has certain traits or behaviour? Here are personality traits of each zodiac signs:

The cancer child (June 21 – July 22)

Conceiving dates for Cancer child: September 25 - October 15

If your child says ma-ma first then there is nothing to be surprised as they are closer to their maternal energy. This may act as an interruption for nurturing. When you see your child attached with caretaker or helper doesn't matter who they are they'll understand them as their family member. Is your kid moody? If yes then they are ruled by ever-fluctuating moon which makes them cry baby or they tend to have different moods in 24 hours. It has been seen that cancer child rules the chest area so it will be difficult to withdraw them from breastfeeding. These sensitive kids are known for showing tantrums and if their mood is off then they will hog on food to make themselves feel better. They can be calmed by snacks or bottle. If you are not available all the time for diaper changing then leave them with soft toys or security. From birth, they are close to their moms and become way too comfortable with family members which makes them shy in socializing. Caution: You make like this attachment with your kid but the moment some unknown persons or less visiting family members they will cry at the top level to not be touched by them.Even if they are shy but likes to doll up and behave well in social gatherings.


  • Cancer babies are seen to have motherly feeling and like to snuggle with their favourite soft toys or pet animal make, make sure that pet likes to snuggle up with kids.

  • When cancer kids are upset or low in mood, they tend to eat that calms them. They also like the kitchen chores be it cleaning dishes, dining table this makes them happy.

  • They like to write anything like poem, stories or make paintings as they have artistic nature which lets them do so. They maintain dairy where every memories or creativities are collected.

  • This artistic nature Cancerian loves to make their room with their comfy feel. So let them do that this makes them feel good to have their shell.

  • As they are moody leave them alone. They need alone time to feel better. They won't play if they don't feel like to so don't force them this irritates them more.

Parenting Tips:

  • Cancer kid needs to have a calm and composed family environment as disputes in the family makes them more emotional and they tend to blame themselves for everything.

  • Once they develop a feeling of being loner nothing is going back also this doesn't mean that you force them to be friends as they take their time to jell up. Try to make them feel comfortable in a crowd or their friend circle this will help them to socialize.

  • They can be bossy like a mother. Do monitor this attitude and help them coordinate with other kids.

  • They tend to have a private life and do not speak even if they need something. Try to have communication more often so then they feel like to share it with you. Do not intervene in their privacy but at the same time regularly check upon them. They like to be in good books and won't demand anything. You need to have patience and see if they need anything.