Best tips on being a successful Single Father

The life of a single parent is not an easy job. You have to behave like both mother and father at the same time. Financial problem is always a big issue in single-parent households. You may or may not receive financial support to fulfill the requirements of your child. All the responsibilities lie on your shoulders. So, a parent must be ready for such situations if they arise.

In a survey, it was observed that over 57% of children who live with both parents enter college compared to the 32.5% of children who have single parents that enter college. This is just one way to see how single parenting can affect a child's life.

In today's world, we have seen people discussing single mothers but nobody talks about single fathers. We all know that the life of a single mother is hard but on the other hand, if we see life as a single father, it is hard too. So, in this article, we will discuss the challenges that a single father faces and will also discuss some tips on becoming a successful one.

Here, we will discuss 5 major challenges that a single father faces in his life:

1. Loneliness

One of the greatest challenges of being a single father is loneliness. You have to deal with the loss of your partner and the gap which is left in your life. There is no one to talk to about how you feel, what you expect etc. which can only be discussed with your partner.

2. Not giving enough time

Another aspect that a single father needs to keep in mind is spending proper quality time with their children. Most parents lack in this part but in order to provide your child with a better support system, you have to do the necessities.

3. Hard to find reliable babysitters

No matter, how much time you spend with your child, there will always be a time when you won’t be there for him/her. You will always be wondering whether your child has eaten or not, so here comes the need for a babysitter. It is hard to find a good one or someone dedicated who will take care of your child.

4. Pressure of getting remarried

Parents or society will always put pressure to get remarried for the sake of the child It gets very difficult because this majorly affects your child’s mentality. Sometimes, it works but at other times, it could miserably fail.

5. Guilt

It is very common to have a sense of guilt after getting a divorce. There are so many questions that come to the mind of a single parent.

• What if I could have been patient with my partner?

• How will my child judge me?

• Have I don’t something wrong?

8 Major tips for becoming a successful single father

1. Managing and creating a proper work schedule

We know that it is very difficult being a single parent and also when you are the only person who is working. But there has to be a balance between both of them. So, for this, you can tell your employer that you will work mainly from home, and on office days, you could leave earlier to spend time with your children.

2. Keeping your calm

Being a single father will be a difficult thing because you have to wake up early in the morning then you have to go to the office and finally have to spend time taking care of your children. So, it is a very tight schedule, but you should not lose your calm and not get angry in front of your children because this will create a negative impact on their minds. You can also talk with your friends or relatives or even to your children so as to share your feelings and thoughts.

3. Support Network

Being a single dad is not a very easy job. There comes a time when you don’t feel good about anything that is happening around you. The reason is there is no one to support you in that difficult time. So, you need to start talking to your neighborhood parents and interact with them frequently. A small help can do wonders at this time, so don’t hesitate to ask for help from the people around you.

4. Allowing visitors

Being a single father with full custody is not a good option. Make sure you don’t restrict the entry of your ex-wife in the house so that the parenting can become smoother and more efficient. In case, your wife is dead, you can ask your parents to visit so that your child doesn’t feel alone. Try to give your best and do whatever makes your child happy.

5. Setting goals

It will be very difficult to look after your child when you are the only one taking care of him. But you still have to move forward. You need to make goals so as to keep yourself on track for becoming a better single father. The goal can be a short term or a long term keeping in mind that these goals will help you to improve your life.

6. Never Criticize

Don’t criticize your ex-wife if you are a divorcee. It creates a negative impact on your child, rather you should tell him that he/she should be humble to every other person. You can even give examples of your relatives while quoting to your child.

7. Better be prepared for future

In order to become a better single father, you have to be prepared for the future. For example, you can bring toys or gifts for your children to keep them happy. You need to make sure that they don’t indulge in any wrong things. You can talk to them about the importance of education, this will strengthen their minds from the start. Also, raising your children happily helps in reducing the stress that you are going through.

8. Enjoy every moment

It is important to enjoy each and every moment with your child. For example: Spending quality time, going out for movies, having dinner in a restaurant, taking pictures, going for a walk, etc. Indulging in such activities will strengthen your bond with the child.