Benefits of drinking coconut water during pregnancy, but with precautions

Coconut, a tropical fruit has astonishing medicinal powers. A healthy person or a sick person both can feel the soothing effect of coconut water. Coconut water during pregnancy can be a relief to constipation, digestion, morning sickness and more. Therefore, it contains some important nutrients that may help in making your pregnancy journey smooth and easy. The following mentioned are the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy:

95% pure water

If you want to keep yourself hydrated and want a substitute of water for a change of taste, coconut water is the solution for you. It is 95% pure water.

But as we all know there is nothing better than having lots of water can keep you hydrated anytime and water is an inexpensive option.

Boost your energy

Pregnancy comes with exhaustion and it drains out your energy to zero level. Coconut water will help in regaining that energy. Have a glass of it everyday and you will feel more energetic as it has many essential and beneficial minerals.

Can cure morning sickness

Electrolytes in coconut water in early pregnancy helps in stabilizing your system and helps in avoiding vomiting and nauseousness. Morning hours are the best time to drink coconut water during pregnancy.

Coconut water in empty stomach during pregnancy helps in curing dehydration and constipation which happens due to morning sickness during the initial period of pregnancy.

Helps in maintaining blood pressure

Coconut water is rich in potassium which provides assistance in controlling blood pressure. But it has a high level of calories that can add more weight to your body.

If you are taking medicines for blood pressure, limit the consumption of coconut water as high potassium level can be reactive to medicines.

Helps in increasing water level in the body

Vomiting is common during pregnancy due to morning sickness which results in loss of body’s water. Coconut water good for pregnancy, can help in regaining body fluids without adding sugar.

Pregnant women may need to go to washrooms on a frequent basis as coconut water is diuretic which causes increased passing of urine.

Beneficial for baby inside the womb

Coconut water during second trimester of pregnancy can help in development of the baby as it contains various nutrients and minerals which can help in fetal development. It has potassium, calcium and magnesium which is also recommended by doctors to take as prenatal vitamins.

Magnesium is very beneficial during pregnancy as it can help in increasing birth weight. Calcium will enable development of bone and teeth in unborn babies.

Coconut water just has a small amount of these nutrients, do not forget to take a good and mineral rich diet along with it.

Precautions to be taken

As such there are no side effects of drinking coconut water in pregnancy. But consumption in excess can cause weight gain, low blood pressure. Therefore, consult with your doctor regarding quantity and interval of consumption.

You need to consume coconut just after it has been cut and when it is ripe but it can cause obesity and constipation.

Due to its diuretic nature, it should be consumed in limit to avoid frequent urgency for washroom.

Drinking coconut water in 9th month of pregnancy can interfere with blood pressure. Therefore doctor also recommend to stop drinking it before a couple of weeks of delivery.

Coconut water alone will not help in infusing all required nutrients in your body. You need to have a healthy and nutrient rich diet everyday.