Aries baby horoscope

Zodiac signs for kids

To understand your baby's or child's unspoken language this zodiac signs will assist you to know them better. Though it is not important which horoscope your baby has. It’s for the fun purpose you may find I relatable and understand them better. Each has their birth chart. Do you want to know why the baby has certain traits or behaviour? Here are personality traits of each zodiac signs:

The Aries child (March 21- April 19)

Conceiving dates for an Aries child: June 25-July 15

Aries babies are known to be self-obsessed. As they grow up tend to seek attention even though they don’t want. While growing up as they start schooling, they participate a lot because they are bold and participative. As Aries is stubborn and bold, they are closer to their father. Active and excited always attract outgoing personality this also means that they are prone to small accidents while playing so always be careful around them. Well if your child is very picky with foods and demand variety in foods as they don't like to eat the same food again and again then you can understand he/she has an Aries trait.


  • Aries love when something challenges them, they are known as brainy so from the start giving them puzzles and education-related games.

  • Aries boys can be hot-headed just to make sure they don't become rude give them soft toys or make them learn how to control their anger.

  • Their favourite colour is red and loves things on speed such as car racing game and fire engines.

  • Aries are outing which makes them fashionable and loves to try new clothing, give them their space on this or else you’ll have an untidy room to clean.

  • They are moody at the time when they don't understand what they. In this situation leave them alone to calm down and they'll be fine.

  • They are bossy and likes to run things according to them among their friends or siblings. If your baby is a girl then she'll be a group leader at the same time she needs to be grounded so let them hang out with older age kids who are 1 or 2 years old to them.

Parenting tips:

  • As they are an active participant and has a passion to win, they expect to be appreciated so award them for their participation keeping in mind not to make them stubborn or demanding.

  • They are short-tempered when they don't get things according to them. Teach them to be humble and accept things when that doesn't happen as per their wish.

  • Aries as siblings are protective and loyal. Doesn’t matter younger or elder they can be bossy and rebel at times so be careful while looking after other kids.

  • They like to feel as they are equal to everyone and talk out their intelligent thoughts as they like to understand everything with facts and logic.