Are you fed up with low quality baby Skin care products? we are here to help you select the best one

5 simple things to keep in mind

Taking care of our skin is not just a luxury anymore rather it’s a necessity considering the level of damage the external environment can cause; we value it and at times tend to experiment with it. But but.. when it comes to selecting a skin care product for the little ones, adult’s ways don’t necessarily apply. They need special care. Several reasons can be attributed for the same. Like: In Charles Darwin’s opinion, new specie takes time to adapt in the new environment similarly a toddler’s skin takes time to adapt in mama earth. Toddlers skin is delicate than ours, so make sure to buy tried and tested product for them. Reason is simple, the skin appearance of a newborn from different Geographic may be different but their skin sensitivity is all but the same. Another thing is we tend to skip terms and conditions of an agreement or almost never read ingredients details of a product, but that could be detrimental for your toddler. Hence do not avoid it.

Other than that here is some quick guide to buying skincare products. Towards the end we will be providing some recommendations as well along with benefits of these products, make sure to read the details below carefully.

1. Select product designed for Babies

Baby skin gets dry, dirty more often and doesn’t really suffice with the product used by adults. Hence they seek regular cleaning, moisturizing and massaging hence make sense to use products designed specifically for babies. Benefits of child products are, it prevents irritation, and balances the skin to neutral. Also such creams are milder.

2. Buy parabens, dyes & phthalates free products

This essentially boils down to reading the ingredients carefully before purchasing. Making sure there aren’t any Alcohols or harsh soap in it. Other than that one major you don't want to have in baby products is parabens, which is a preservative which is often found in cosmetics. But the down side is kids absorb more of it and are prone to any harmful side effects. Other than that we wouldn’t want it to have dyes and Phthalates . Possible consequences are: asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, low IQ, neurodevelopmental problems, behavioral problems and autism spectrum disorders.

3. Beware of products written “Naturals” i.e.: all natural baby lotion

Today it is a trend to write “100% Natural product” as a positioning strategy, but they are not as highlighted. Check the above-mentioned chemicals in the composition section and any other ingredients that you do not know by name. To make sure the product is healthy for babies and young children, review unfamiliar ingredients before buying.

4. Prefer hypoallergenic products

Hypoallergenic is something you should be looking for in a product as it has the least possible risk of allergic reaction.

5. Watch for pH balance

Use a neutral pH product. Benefits: The skin of your baby is balanced and in good health, and therefore better protected against environmental irritants. Products that are not pH balance neutral can cause the skin to dry out and develop rashes or become irritated and itchy. Having told all the possible pros and cons. We recommend some tried and tested baby product brands which you could try out:

  • Johnson & Johnson (Reason being: well your mother also must have asked people about Johnson baby cream ke fayde for you)

  • Mama Earth

  • Himalaya Herbal Babycare and malaya calamine lotion

  • Mothercare

  • Eumosone cream for babies face

Hope this helps...