6 tips for having a Healthy screen time for toddlers (2-5 years)

Screen time can be truly enjoyable for you and your kid, a lot of screen time can influence negative behavior. Also, it is critical to monitor your kid's screen time and encourage your kids to indulge in other outdoor as well as indoor exercises. 85 percent of toddlers and kids today are presented to a screen-based environment before the age of 2. These early years are critical for a kid's appropriate development and growth, so it is very important to limit too much screen time. Habits which are shaped during the early years may carry forward into pre-adulthood and adulthood. Recommended screen time for children in 2-5 years of age is less than 1 hour a day.

Tips for better screen time for kids:

Create a screen free environment:

If possible, parents should create a separate room which does not have any gadgets in it or are screen free where your child can relax and play.

Ensure healthy sleep cycle:

Babies or toddlers should have at least 13-14 hours sleep in a day. Disturbed sleep cycles may harm their brain development.

Encourage outdoor activities:

No matter how digitally inclined the world becomes. Exposure to the outer world is much needed for babies. Parents should take their babies for a walk or make them play in parks with other babies.

Encourage indoor activities:

When you and your toddler are at home, make sure you introduce your child to various indoor activities like cleaning or solving some puzzles. This way your child learns a lot of things at home itself.

Give special attention:

Kids grasp a lot of things while they are growing, so it's basic that parents should consider with regards to their screen time. Whenever your child is exposed towards the screen, make sure that you keep a watch on the content that your child is watching.

Take some time out for your child.

If your little child seeks for your love, affection and attention offer them. Play, sing, do basic activities such (shading with colored pencils, clay modeling or building blocks.) or eat a meal with your child. During these activities with your child, keep your mobile on silent mode and avoid from taking a look at it except if anything important.

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