11 sports to train your kids

A lazy lifestyle where kids go to school, come back, eat and sit for hours together on the couch or bed with gadgets in their hands and refuse to move is mostly the norm for today’s generation.

Illnesses like blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and obesity are a growing cause of concern. A few years ago, we hardly heard of kids suffering from these illnesses but today, there have been increasing cases of children suffering from these at a young age. Main reason for this is unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, parents want to indulge their children in physical activities or sports.

There is a major need to be physically active in order to counter the effects of technology which has captured their lives having disastrous consequences.

Take a look at the various sports to train your kids which would maximize their potential and help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

1. Football

One of the most popular sport, it is considered to be one of the best sports to play for kids. Football training skills can be taught in the early age of four years and is gaining popularity with kids wanting to become champions, therefore, parents making them join football coaching courses for the same. Star footballers have also helped in gaining popularity and created an adrenaline rush for the sport.

Benefits: Teamwork, fairness, discipline, muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, weight control and cardiovascular endurance. Juggling the ball improves foot dexterity, balance and cardiovascular sustainability.

2. Swimming

It is a sport which tackles the fear of water and height and once learnt, it will never be forgotten. It helps to develop your kid’s ability individually without any competition.

Benefits: Improving lung power by learning breathing control inside the water and strengthening muscles by practicing different styles of strokes.

3. Cycling

Kids get crazy over bicycles and love to have one. We can turn it into a sport that inculcates a sense of freedom, independence and pride. There are different kinds of bikes available, thus, you can get involved in various forms of bicycling activities with your child.

Benefits: Learning road safety and endurance.

Social Benefits- Patience, discipline and self-esteem.

Physical Benefits- Strengthen legs, coordination of reflexes, improves balance, controls weight and strengthens cardiovascular functions.

4. Skating

It is becoming popular among kids today and there are professionals who teach it in a proper manner. It is a great activity to get indulged in.

Benefits: Patience, coordination of reflexes, agility, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and balance.

5. Basketball

A ball and a hoop are all that is required. The sport is a great way to get kids to be physically active. Also, a good way to engage shy children to play with a team.

Benefits: Through defence and offense, kids learn to control their body. Dribbling the ball supports eye and foot coordination. Thinking and reflexes are improved by making quick passes. Strengthening of muscles and agility development by running around with the ball.

6. Running/Racing

An excellent activity for kids to get involved, it has gained immense popularity today with marathons being organized by many organizations. With no cost involved, this sport is one of the best forms of exercises that kids can do.

Benefits: focus, concentration, endurance, strengthen muscles, cardiovascular fitness, immunity, lung power thereby reducing risks of common cold and flu.

7. Walking

It doesn’t seem like a sport but is certified as one of the best physical activities that kids could be encouraged for. In western countries, parents reward their kids if they walk to school as it has a lot of benefits.

Benefits: Strengthen legs, controls weight, balance. Walking in open spaces connects you and helps you bond with the environment. If you walk with your kid, family bonding would improve.

8. Gymnastics

Being a popular Olympic sport, it is gaining popularity among kids nowadays. Trained experts teach them with the right equipment and nurture the talent in them.

Benefits: Balance, flexibility, strength, fearlessness.

9. Tennis

This sport has been gaining popularity among kids, ever since players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have put tennis on the international map. The children also enjoy it because of the competitive spirit involved.

Benefits: Arm strength, accuracy, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, agility. It encourages children to be quick thinkers, strategize their moves and learn proper techniques.

10. Cheerleading

It is ideal for girls if they are not interested in sports. It could prove to be a great way to exert energy and develop social skills.

Benefits: Enthusiasm, positive attitude, teamwork, flexibility, agility, control weight and improve balance.

11. Judo

It is one sport which helps in all-round development in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual growth. It can be useful for self-defence. Though it comprises of throws and punches, the child will also learn how to practice them with different skills.

Benefits: Discipline, self-control, focus.

Why should kids be trained to play sports?

It is necessary to have a little bit of physical activity in everyday routine. For your kid, it should be made mandatory from your side. Your kid playing any sport is a great way to get fitness incorporated into their lives which would prove beneficial in their adulthood as well.


Taking part in a sport guarantees that your kid stays fit and healthy. It builds immunity and reduces the risk of common illnesses and any diseases. Research has proved that active children are likely to grow into physically active adults and will continue to stay the same.

2. Social Development

Involvement in physical activity and sports gets children to interact with individuals at all levels. Playing a sport involves teamwork, communication, leadership abilities, and adhering to the instructions. This results in learning how to develop an amiable personality that will appeal to everyone.

3. Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

Coaches support their students at all levels to push the envelope regarding their performance. Some kind of appreciation from their coach or parents is sufficient for children to do their absolute best. Constructive criticism with well-structured guidance to put corrective measures boosts the morale of the children.

4. Positive Influence on Academics

Playing a sport of any kind helps to improve the cognitive capacities of a kid. Playing a sport requires determination, devotion and perseverance to accomplish a target. The same methodology can be applied to academics to get positive results. Studies show that children who are good in sports perform well in academics also as they have high concentration levels.

5. Respect Protocol

Any sport is played by rules. Discipline is essential while playing a game, and if your young one does not follow instructions, it is smart to sign them up for a sports activity. Taking instructions, following directions and accepting the decision by the referee go far in inculcating discipline in a kid.

6. Emotional Bearing

Children could have a lot of stress under the surface that needs a way to release. Sports channelize the underlying feelings of youngsters in a positive way. A good coach will try to control the negative side of the kid and redirect that energy towards accomplishing a target thereby instilling patience in them.

7. Diversion from Anti-Social Activities

Children today can fall an easy prey to anti-social activities like smoking, drugs or even the evils of social media. Being engaged with sports encourages them to be focussed and understand that these anti-social activities could lead to disastrous consequences for their body and performance.

8. Reduces Stress and Depression

Undoubtedly, children today face a lot of stress due to increased academic load and pressure and lifestyle goals. Studies show that most children today face depression and have suicidal thoughts as they are unable to cope up with their academics. By playing a sport, a youngster can release all the built-up stress and feel refreshed to take on academics.

9. Discipline

Children today lack discipline in their life. They have no fixed hours to go to bed or wake up and get things done at a snail’s speed. Playing a sport brings discipline as it includes regular practice sessions at time intervals. Youngsters understand the importance of following a routine and train themselves to follow the same.

10. Confidence Booster

Children who play a sport have high level of confidence because of their involvement with people and adhering to instructions. They feel they have achieved something when playing a sport which serves as a confidence booster and children feel confident to take on any challenge that is presented to them.

Your kid need not excel in any sport, yet by playing or being involved in a sport, he/she could grow up to be a fine individual with an amiable personality.

There is sufficient evidence which shows that by simply getting children together for any activity that involves physical effort is beneficial for their development. By encouraging to play sports and physical activities in their lifestyle, you will be raising up a healthy kid with an active mind.