Pisces Baby Horoscope & Characteristics

If your baby’s birthday falls between February 19th and March 20th, he’s a Pisces baby. It may not be set in stone but reading about your child’s personality traits based on the sun sign can be fun and helps you with some guesswork on what the characteristics of your Pisces child will be. We’ve listed down some things you should know about your Pisces girl or Pisces boy, as well as some tips on raising your little one, keeping in mind his personality traits.

They Are Creative and Artistic

Whether it’s music or art and craft, the child will need an outlet for his creativity, so stock up on art supplies, Lego, and other open-ended toys. The good part that your child just needs the necessary tool to while away his time without demanding much.

They Are Sensitive

It’s quite easy to hurt your Pisces baby’s feelings, as he is likely to feel upset or angry at the drop of a hat. This also means they’re less open to change, so if your baby relies on you for emotional support, it’ll remain that way for a long time to come.

They Are Highly Intuitive

Gut feelings and intuition is second nature for Pisces babies, so much so that your baby’s emotions may often be attuned to your own. You may see your little one understands when you’re sad or angry about something, in turn mirroring your emotions. They can easily sense when something is wrong or off, so relying on their hunches without fear.

They Easily Express Emotions

Pisces babies don’t beat around the bush when it comes to their feelings and will make sure to tell you when they’re feeling sad or upset about something. Your baby will express his emotions openly for the world to see, so expect some drama!

They Are Kind and Compassionate

Pisces kids are the kindest ones on the playground or at school and will always rush to help kids that are hurt or bullied, trying to make them feel better. Your child will be concerned for others around him, which is a quality you’ll admire as he grows up.

They Are Extremely Imaginative

With a knack for storytelling, Pisces kids have a colorful imagination. Your child will love reading and concocting stories of his own, building his own little universe in his head. Whether it’s with imaginary friends, reading, or acting, they create their own world whether it’s for minutes or days.

They Like Their Alone Time

Pisces kids love their alone time when they can hone their creative talents and just be by themselves. If your child wants his space during the day, let him have it, and you’ll notice how his mood instantly lifts!

They Are Visual Learners

Pisces kids are visual learners and pick up most things by sight, which means graphs, charts, books, and more are their best friends.

They Are Selfless

Your Pisces baby will love lending a helping hand to anyone around, without expecting anything in return. They’ll love helping clean up their toys or even do chores later on. Plus, they’re great sharers, so you’re less likely to have ‘MINE’ moments.

They Are Passionate

Once your child is motivated to do something, he’ll see it through, whether it's finishing a drawing or completing a puzzle. As babies, Pisces kids need their favorite toys around them at all time