You may have heard the saying that ‘It takes a village to raise a child’….but now with nuclear families our lovely kids are often raised by two new parents who had no clue on what parenting is going to be!

And that’s why our motto, purpose, ikigai, (you may call it whatever you like!) is to bring that village to you with just a change!

This time this village is going to be full of childcare experts to solve for every small and big parenting need, so come aboard and cherish this beautiful journey called parenting.

Our core team consists of two elderly grandparents who had survived through nightmares of raising two brats as parents and now kind of empathize with them and their partners whenever they visit their places in far off metro cities.

They often wonder that their sons and daughters-in-law may have got the masters in management but have not even cleared kindergarten when it comes to parenting.

The everyday calls to get advice on frequent colds, baby feeding and toddler behavioral issues made them realize that how much of parenting education is needed all around us. is an attempt from them to bring a platform to modern parents as an extended family full of childcare experts such as doctors, education consultants, behavior counselors, fashion specialists, astrologers and religious experts, and also some wonderful parents and grandparents.

Look forward to have you as a part of our community!